High-end sneakers by Common Projects


If you like minimal design and superior construction, you'll love leather sneakers by Common projects.

Ten years ago, art director Poopat and brand consultant Girolami decided to team to realize a mutual dream: the creation of a new shoe. Their product needed to be simple, yet stylish. Back in 2004 luxury sneakers were practically non-existing but ever since almost all the foremost fashion designers have picked up this trend. Their shoes have gained an overwhelming cult status in sneaker world owing to their minimalistic design and top-quality construction.


Every unnecessary detail is being stripped away and what is left is a clean crisp shape that speaks for itself. A familiar silhouette elevated to another level thanks to its simplicity. Even through their branding they breath functionality and efficiency.

Each shoe has a golden embedded code on its heel, referring to the model, the size and the color. This inscription is the only visible branding of Common Projects and has become iconic to experts. The sneakers are comfortable but could easily be dressed up and through their minimalism they bridge a gap between two kinds of worlds. In other words: these subtle sneakers can both beautify your worn out jeans or urbanize your elegant dress.

Common projects is available at Komedieplaats 5. 

Photos: Magali Elali