Summer is Full of Hope by Jasper Krabbé


Jasper Krabbé is a visual artist from Amsterdam. For his work he returns to memories. He shows these in the way we experience them. As a fragmented, illogical version of reality. Never an exact replica. For his paintings he regularly uses banal objects, like wrapping paper and envelopes, of which the function is integrated in his work.

In his photography Krabbé has a similar attitude, incorporating paint, text and even debris from his studio into the photographic pieces. Themes such as dreams and the ephemeral, but also poetry, function as point of departure.



Krabbé's work is admitted in the public collections of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Nederlandse Bank, Museum de Fundatie Zwolle and in many private collections. 


Jasper Krabbé studied painting and printmaking at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and the Cooper Union in New York and graduated cum laude in 1992. He discusses art exhibitions for Opium Night Live and co-hosts ArtMen, a TV show dedicated to contemporary art. He has a monthly art column in Harper's Bazaar and he’s a regular guest in the Dutch TV program 'De wereld draait door'. He just released a new book called 'Atelier Krabbé' about looking at art and making it, which is also available at Graanmarkt 13.


Jasper is part of the well-known Krabbé family. After his great-grandfather Hendrik Maarten Krabbé, his grandfather Maarten Krabbé and father Jeroen Krabbé (the famous actor and director), Jasper is the fourth generation of painters. 


Jasper Krabbé (1970) lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Summer is Full of Hope runs from 13.06.15 till 02.07.15 in the Gallery Space on the 1st floor.