About the Apartment


Graanmarkt 13 is created as a welcoming and warm home, where everyone should feel at ease. The remarkable concept occupies an entire townhouse in the center of Antwerp with the traditional building being reworked by Vincent Van Duysen, one of Belgian’s best architects. In the past years owners Tim and Ilse turned Graanmarkt 13 into a household name, but wisely kept one secret to themselves. The initial idea was also to include a bed & breakfast on the top floors. But plans changed when they saw the plans developing and decided to turn all available space into one luxurious apartment. Described as ’their best kept secret’ , the apartment is now available for rent.  

Stylish home away from home

When entering the duplex apartment, you feel at home, a stylish home that is. Apart from the protected historic facade, Van Duysen’s signature style of brutalism, softened by natural materials, runs like a red thread throughout the building. Tim & Ilse used two floors as their private quarters and although they are gone, you can sense their presence in the smallest details. „We just packed our clothes and left”, Ilse argues. When she and Tim started their project, they both wanted to be on top on top of it, literally. But the project has grown, so have their children and now the family is moving into a bigger family home. Tim adds: „I’m going to miss the terrace and the panoramic view on the city. And although you’re at the heart of the city, it’s very calm, green and quiet out here.” Graanmarkt 13 is located in the middle of the city, on a picturesque square where trees reveal the passing of the seasons. At the back of a building there’s an old ginkgo tree overlooking the rooftop garden, providing herbs and honey that chef Seppe Nobels uses in his ingredients in the restaurant, which is located in the cellar. 

Individualized service 

Tim and Ilse like to think of their apartment as your stylish home away from home where your personal privacy is respected. The apartment comes with hotel service, but it’s also a place where you can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To this end, they believe in an individualized and special service by ensuring that breakfast with local products is brought to the apartment every morning and that the space is outfitted with a full fridge and equipped kitchen allowing their guests to cook their own meals or head down to the restaurant. „Hospitality is at the core of Graanmarkt 13, with the apartment being ideal for families traveling with children. It’s our job is make sure everyone has a fantastic time and therefore we offer complimentary services”, according to Tim.  

If you are looking for a luxury apartment located in an authentic Antwerp neighborhood. And, if you appreciate stylish comfort, space, privacy, first-class amenities and an individualized service, Tim & Ilse are more than happy to accommodate you. 

The apartment at Graanmarkt 13 accomodates up to 6 adults and is for rent for a short and longer stay. It counts 280 m², divided over two floors with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room with dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and a 60 m² terrace overviewing the historic city centre. It accomodates up to 6 adults and the price per night is 1.300 euro.

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Graanmarkt 13 is een verwelkomend en warm huis waar iedereen zich goed voelt. Het opmerkelijke concept werd ondergebracht in een groot herenhuis in het centrum van Antwerpen, dat gerenoveerd werd door Vincent van Duysen, een van België’s beste architecten. Inmiddels is Graanmarkt 13 uitgegroeid tot een vaste waarde, maar één geheim hielden eigenaars Tim & Ilse  voor het grote publiek verborgen. Het idee van bed & breakfast op de bovenste verdiepingen van het gebouw maakte plaats voor een luxueus privé-appartement, dat vanaf nu te huur is. Het biedt plaats voor 6 volwassenen en de prijs is 1.300 euro per nacht. 

Voor meer informatie: welcome@graanmarkt13.be

Graanmarkt 13

Graanmarkt 13 is a restaurant, a shop and a gallery all under one roof. Each floor looks out onto a picturesque square where trees reveal the passing of the seasons. 

The Restaurant

Our plates are filled with only the best of what’s local and fresh. Chef Seppe Nobels transforms daily harvested ingredients into light and healthy taste sensations. The seasonal dishes are a feast for both the taste buds and the eye. A gastronomic delight for all your senses.

The Store

A boutique which houses stylish high-end fashion, curious design objects and collectibles. Items that inspire and feel like coming home, carefully selected by Graanmarkt 13 founders Tim and Ilse and art director Bob Verhelst.

The 1st Floor

Slipping into heaven is only a staircase away. The first floor is a space that heightens your senses. A place where you can truly indulge and treat your feet.